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Tyre and Rubber Industry:



Seizmotrac Started 1986 in the Tyre Industry as Agent and representative to supply the following:-

•  Complete production Line to make Tyre or Rubber Belts all

   equipment made in China

•  Tyre mould and drums

•  Natural  Rubber such as : SSR – SMR 20 – SVR 20 or other

   according to our Customer needs

•  Special Filament from Polyester and Nylon used to make tyre

   cord any Denier

•  Dipped tyre cord fabric from polyester or from Nylon – as per

   international standard. we choose our sources as per demand

•  Ep fabrics used as Belt Cord

•  Valve for inner Tubes such as TR13 – TR78 – TR177 – G28

•  Tyre chemicals such as : 6 PPD – Zinc Oxide – Sulphur – stairs

   acid – etc


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