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Lamp Industry:



Since 1994 Seizmotrac is an Agent and representative for world manufacturer of the components used in lamp and we are sourcing for suppliers interested to penetrate Egyptian market with us


We work to serve and assure supply of raw material to the Egyptian Lamp industry in the following scope:-

•  Complete production Line for Lamp and Flurecent  or CFL

•  Supply of Glass Bulbs A 60 – and A55

•  Supply Lead Glass tube

•  Supply Free lead Glass tube to make exhaust and flare tubes

•  Supply “ lead – in – wire “

•  Supply “ Tungsten Filament “ – mostly 100w – ( 40w-20w


•  Aluminium Cap E27/27 – B22 or any other material such as Fe


•  Alum Cap for all fluorescent Lamps such as T12 – T10 – T8

•  Fluorescent  Powder

•  Tin Sold wire from Malaysia

•  Complete Lamp as per Customer needs such as CFL – LED –

   Gals and etc.

•  Any new Proposed Items.



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